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Welcome! Would you like to find out who are the biggest government suppliers?

Dive with us into tender data!

Don't see the game ? No worries! Just go to this link.


1) Choose your Quest

The tool has already picked a market, country and year(s) of the tenders for you.

Not too interested in the pick?

Choose a country from the list and/ or press no_fun as long as it amuses you, until you can find a quest that is interesting.

OR: Just go to the tool and freestyle: what for was the biggest contract in Spain between 2012 and 2015? What is wrong with the only contract for lentils (CPV code 03212211) in the tool ?no_fun

Tip: go to the original tender page on ted.europa.eu and look under the tab "Original language" for more information!


2) Open the Tool

Once you find a quest you are willing to give a try, hit  lets_play and dive into the public spending of your choice !

Can't find an answer?

Just press solution and let us fill it in for you.

3) Find the biggest supplier!

To find out who is the biggest provider of government services for the chosen country, year and market, you can eithercsv of the filtered table, or explore the Contract Flows visualization of the tenders. Share your results!


Have a look at the instructional video [2 min]

The video is not displaying? Fear not! You can watch it here.


So, what is the objective?
Dive into tender data! And have fun! Use the lottery machine and let it chose a market, country and the year for you. Or just go to the tool , browse through CPV codes and have  a look at tenders in your country.
Tip: go to the original tender page on ted.europa.eu and look under the tab "Original language" for more information!
Why should I do that?
Public spending is important and dear to us all.  It's the money me and you (should) pay to the government and receive quality services in return. Being able to see trends in these vast government - company relationships, instead of only a scandal here and there, is golden. However, investigating patterns in public spending is quite complicated. Structured data is scarce and even the small bit is quite messy. Nonetheless, it's also this eager resistance to be conquered and properly analyzed that makes public spending so much fun to look into!


Well ... partially. The purpose of the game is twofold:
1. to draw the attention to the problem of and 2. to test whether the tool we developed on top of OpenTED data is understandable and nice to work with.  We therefore cherish every honest feedback! Do you like our intentions? Please share the site on social media!


Who is behind this?
Who wants to be a supplier is a part of tenders.exposed , a small cross-border team that aims to make investigation into public spending sexy. Please join the discussion on tenders at talk.tenders.exposed and stay tuned for a new tool to investigate networks of public spending at elvis.tenders.exposed !


We would very much like to know how you liked the tool. Therefore we'd be grateful if you could fill in a short questionnaire . Or just leave a comment below!


Do you think it's important that people look into public spending? Please help us spread the word!
Curious about the biggest government suppliers? Play with #EUtenders at http://supplier.tenders.exposed/

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